Move-It Mobility UK Ltd delivers high quality sports and exercise sessions into care homes, nurseries and schools.

Move-It Mobility UK began in July 2015, where an idea to deliver exercise sessions to the elderly, who do not regularly participate in physical exercise, rapidly grew into a successful business, as more people began to see the benefits of the sessions that were being delivered.

We currently successfully operate within five counties (Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Humberside, Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire) to approximately 120 clients on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis.

Since January 2017, building on the success of our delivery into care homes, we have also been working on a number of new projects involving pre schools, primary schools and nurseries, new sessions to care homes and delivering our fundamental movement motor skills programme with great success.

Our future aim is to enhance health, fitness and wellbeing across the country, by growing the franchise team. Developing services and delivering our very own training packages to upskill the care sector, with the possibility of accessing funding to make the passionate dreams possible.

Out of 120 care homes asked that we deliver into, we asked them for their opinion, of those that responded here are the figures:

100% of care staff state that they would have Move-It Mobility delivering more frequent sessions if they were free through funding or if they were subsidized at a low rate.

92.31% of care activities staff believe that their budget is to low to provide meaningful activities.

100% see an immediate positive reaction when Move-It staff come into their setting.

92% of activity coordinators feel they need more help within their job roles.

100% or care home staff stated that they would like to up-skill themselves through an activity coordinator training course.